Annual Wrap Up Party
-Come on out and have some fun at our annual party and participate is some fun games, great food and beach party!

Where & What!
-Coastline & Sandy Beach,Vieux Fort
-Bring a swim suit & towel
- BBQ Chicken, Hamburgers & Salads
The National Secondary Schools' Swim Meet was a huge success for SFF! The

majority of the Vieux-Fort Comprehensive Secondary School (V.F.C.S.S.)were SFF

swimmers, so the club counted this as their own win!

V.F.C.S.S made history this year when the left the swim meet as champions on June

the 2nd.

The other teams from the North were in awe. The couldn't understand how a team, so

unknown and not popular, had come out of nowhere and beaten the best of them.

In short, V.F.C.S.S. performed extremely well and vow to keep the trophy next year as


The scores for the teams were as follows:

1st Place: Vieux Fort Comprehensive Secondary School with 309 points!!

2nd Place: International School St. Lucia with 276 points.

3rd Place: St. Mary's College with 225 points.

4th Place: Leon Hess Comprehensive Secondary School with 220 points.

5th Place: St. Joseph's Convent with 215 points.

6th Place: Bonne Terre Preparatory School with 90 points.

7th Place: Castries Comprehensive Secondary School with 76 points.

8th Place: Entrepot Secondary School with 43 points.

Hats off to all teams! They all did their very best!!

After a short break during the Easter holidays, swimming has now resumed! The rule

still applies that if you miss the first three (3) classes, and the fees have not been paid,

you will be suspended from swimming practises. I hope everyone had a great vacation

and see you back at the pool!
The BBQ and Car Wash, which took place yesterday,  were a big success. Although

business was slow at first, it

greatly picked up with several cars arriving at once requesting a wash. Several people

gave generous tips to the swimmers who participated in the car wash. At least a total of

15 cars were washed during this activity. Several parents who attended the fundraising

activity registered their children for swimming in addition to having their car cleaned.

The swimmers enjoyed themselves greatly during the car wash! They worked

excellently and pleased their clients. They started a Water Fight and joked that while

playing they had washed the car by accident.

Duke, the SFF mascot, entertained the younger children with his pleasant barking and


After all the hard work, the swimmers and the coached dove into the sea for a

refreshing bath. In short EVERYONE had FUN!!
   The 12th Annual International Inter-Club Meet was an exiting event which enabled

our swimmers to compete against the cream of the crop from other caribbean club.

Although SFF did not walk away with the trophy all our swimmers made great

improvements in the times and, most importantly, enjoyed themselves.

   The swim meet took place for four (4) consecutive days from Thursday the 7th of

April to Sunday the 10th of April. Swimmers were allowed to stay at the homes of two

(2) very generous people.

Half of the swimmers stayed at Ms. Diana Wilson's home while the other half was

enjoyed the tremendous hospitality at the appartment of Dr. Marshall, an SFF parent.

   In total SFF received 116 medals. Among them were 9 Gold, 13 Silver, 18 Bronze and

various 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th places.

In general, our swimmers performed acceptably and were well behaved. We hope that

our next "big" meet will be as successful.
The overall winners! Our friends, The Sharks


    ~ Car Wash
    ~ BBQ Hamburgers, Hotdogs and Chicken

    ~ DJ and Beach Party
    ~ LEARN TO SWIM Program Registration

Location: Kifah's Place (beside Destiny Medical School), Sandy Beach,

Vieux Fort

Date: Saturday, April 23, 2011

Time: 11:00 AM to 3:00 PM

Please come and join us for the Car Wash, Food and Fun. Help the Southern Flying

Fish Swim Club raise funds for the LEARN TO SWIM and COMPETITIVE and


Sponsored by:
The Southern Flying Fish Swim Club is a member of the St.Lucia Amateur Swimming Association
The first meet for the year - the start up meet - went quite well! The Rodney Heights
Aquatic Centre as usual hosted this meet. Our swimmers were transported up to

Castries in a bus, provided by our sponsor, Paradise Water. A hearty "Thank You!" to

them for their assistance.

SFF swimmers of the 12 and under age group participated in a wide range of events.

Also many of our swimmers swam Time Trials hoping to qualify for the CARIFTA
swim meet.

The conduct of the swimmers was quite good and all swimmers returned from

Castries safely and happily.

First Post! 02/20/2011
And so the SFF site was born! Over the next years you will be able to read blogs about the achievements and performances of SFF swimmers!