About Us

 The club started at its first sponsor Juliette's Lodge in Vieux-Fort where it had the swimming lessons in the pool provided.

After a few years later, Coconut Bay Resort and Spa generously offered to sponsor

the club and make their facilities available and since then the club has had their swimming lessons there.

However, swimming in its most natural form, at the beach, has not been forgotten and the club still has open water lessons there once a week.

The Southern Flying Fish Swim Club is divided into five (5) levels ranging from beginner to "amateur

professional". Levels 1 and 2 are beginner classes in which young children learn to swim. Levels 3 and 4 are more
serious and intermediate. Occasionally, swimmers from level 4 compete at swim meets.

Level 5 is the most experienced land competitive level in the club. They practise more than any other level in the

club ( 4 times a week) and often compete against other clubs at swim meet.

SFF is the only swim club in the south of St. Lucia. The sport was not considered a major sport in the south, but

thanks to SFF it has gained more relevance and popularity.

The Coaches

Coach Andy Edward:

Our head coach, Andy Edward, is a certified Total Immersion Swim Coach.

He instructs nearly all the different levels. Also, he is a head coach of the O.E.C.S. national

swim team for St. Lucia.


Coach Sherma Bernard:

Coach Sherma Bernard recently came back from professional swim training in Hungary.

She mainly teaches the lower levels and assists in the open water instructions on



Coach David Moyston:

Coach David is a professional official who is often in charge of starting races and

supervising timers at the swim meets.